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The REAL Nica

I think it is obvious that many who create web sites about Nicaragua have an economic agenda.

Real Estate agents want to sell inflated properties to unsuspecting foreigners, who arrive in Central America convinced they have to pay those prices for rentals and real estate, instead of trusting Nicaraguans. These people capitalize on the idea that "you can trust an American or Canadian" who is residing there, more than you can trust the locals. And the prices they charge are based on that. It's their branding tool and a damned shame, because many North Americans follow the yellow brick road and end up paying too much for properties, where people with Central American family members simply laugh at those escalated prices and find bargains.

The same goes for services. You'll hear North Americans saying, "Buy local!" They are promoting business growth, as well they need to. But the fact is that many Nicaraguans do not prefer to buy locally, and either do these expatriates in many cases. Instead, they send shipping containers to themselves laden with American priced goods. And sometimes they become distribution sources for other Americans and Canadians. So I have to agree this has a great deal to do with censorship on some of these sites aimed at drumming up business and offering some "good advice" on the side.

Unfortunately, even those who feel "marketing is evil" use these sites for just that purpose.


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