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Nicaliving is a pile of Horseshit.

There is a good reason TRN was created, the writing has been on the wall for a long time. He let others build him a congregation, then he stole the pulpit.

I think maybe I once wrote something like that.

I cannot say I am a fan of Peter, but he did Nicaragua like most would and he got burned (chopped or however you want to put it). I believe what he says and some of it I can verify. He may have caused many of the problems himself, but most anyone with a North American state of mind would have done the same.

Sorry for the rambling, been enjoying the site for a while, and unable to sign on to NL for over 2 years, censorship, can you imagine it.

I was never able to understand why one of Peter's biggest fans suddenly threw him to the dogs.

Pedofile? Sandanista Sympathiser? Toni Solo? Lynux maybe made him Crazy? Who Knows.

I promise to register, until then it is not that difficult to figure out.


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