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Let it Go, Life is too short.

Cannot change others, cannot control the behavior of others, get on with life on life terms. "G-d or Higher Power or Great Spirit or No Spirit, Grant me TODAY the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (others, even close friends), courage to change the things I can (my own attitude) and the WISDOM* to know the difference." Knowledge ain't wisdom!!!! Every morning I wake up here in San Salvador with an attitide of gratitude, the rest of you on this thread PLEASE carry the resentments for me, because I assume you are "normies" and won't drink, get drunk and stay drunk, over nothing really, over someone else's horseshit. I'm on Vet's disability, I long ago sold my car and take buses, however since I'm now working, mostly volunteer in the development or rural cultural and eco tourism I always have a ride to the site and back, in our fellowship taht's called "FREEDOM FROM BONDAGE OF SELF" cuz if I get into stinkin' thinkin' and start listening to myself, I am in trouble. I have no wife, was divorced 1984 in States, no kids, she was from Europe and took birth control measures, no vehicle any more, no big deal.
La Foca is right however, this is no country to raise kids, and unless your company from abroad sends you here and puts you up in a gated community rent free, not worth the effort, El Salvador ok for hardy, singl e young people who may wish to teach English, volunteer, whatever for 6 months or a year, not for raising a family. A few years ago a US citizen ex pat was brought here to work by a wealthy Salvadoran, lived rent free, then one day, about a year later, for no real reason, he fired her. She started a small biz on her savings, married a Guatemalan/Salvadoran Doctor here, had a baby, now they are separated, she was doing 99% of the child raising while her husband was out with friends, surfing or whatever. Así es al vida.
I have my "Phil Hughes" too, a few in this country, basically losers, jackasses, who THINK I have Money, envidia. These people are Egomaniacs with an inferiority complex, have no job, no one will hire them, piss poor attitude and are whiners waiting for someone to offer tehm a job and the moon, as far as I am concerned, to quote my Dad, down east yankee from Maine "All a fart in a gale of wind" and the wonderful thing about the Internet is you have your "Delete" button. Saludos.


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