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Funny thing, I have been living in or traveling back and forth to Nicaragua since in 1983 and I have never been mugged, never been attacked by machete welding thugs, but I have encountered many locals who will steal the shirt off your back when you are sleeping.

A few months ago, on our recent trip to Nicaragua, we had some travel issues and had a choice of staying in Managua or flying to El Salvador and spending the night. We opted to stay in Managua due to the violence in El Salvador (perceived or real) My wife is a Nica and we are both very well traveled not just in Central America but Europe as well. El Salvador is NOT one of our travel destinations

Now I have personally seen the outcomes of a machete attack in Nicaragua, 12 in total in my tenure in Nicaragua, and to tell you the truth all have ended in death or cut up to the point where the individual is not recognizable, very gory and gruesome.

At the same time I have read information of two very famous machete attacks in Nicaragua, both came out with VERY minor scratches at most, Peter Christopher and Eric Volz. I have met one of them and to tell you the truth Eric is the biggest liar (well behind Eugene Hasenfus) I cannot believe Eric said he ran through a crowd of 20 people welding machetes wanting to kill him and came out without a scratch - it's like he was never in Nicaragua and was writing one of his stories for his publications (but then again he is a writer) correct?

Also I have never been cut up in bits with a Skill saw (but then again, as an adult I have never been involved with a 16 year old pregnant girl with a wife in the states.)

I guess it all comes down to treating people with respect (even if the local customs reflect differently) and keeping my business privet, not being stupid, you know like getting drunk and taking a taxi at 3 am to the house of the stripper I just met. Well I guess this is just some "Pointers" to keep ones arse out of trouble.


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