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The text below is from a Nica Living 2006 posting, David Joyce obviously has been around Granada for a long time and has prestigious Granada area connections and lawyers, be sure you have clear title and all your paperwork in order before you sue, view their website They claim to use services of First American title for their clients...ask around Granada, get a good lawyer and cuidase, take care.

By the way, you can hit the ground running in Nicaragua by joining International Living and visiting them in Granada when you get there. They have excellent intelegence on the ground. Just remember, however, they have their hands in everyone's pocket and are only going to show you "their" developments (meaning the ones that have agreed to pay their 15% finder's fee). There are a lot of developments they won't talk about but it's still a great starting point. For other opportunities see David Joyce at the Granada Remax office or Claudia at Caldwell Banker.


Submitted by tropi on Thu, 2006/03/02 - 14:07.

Where do they think they are!

Mention to them that 4-5% is the customary going rate in Nicaragua (finders fee


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