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This is David Joyce. I am only responding to this because a client read it and decided I was dishonest from it. First of all you can not steal land in Nicaragua , not even the government. They have paid out the nose for the 80's. and don't want more problems with the IMF. Second I have the contracts signed by this womans mother and my name is not on any of them. I am now a owner in Remax but was not at the time this woman bought this property and I did not sell her the property Ellen Winter a remax agent did. 3rd the owners of Rancho Monterrey only asked that she move her motor home off of the property as she agreed to do in the CC&R's and Contract that she signed. She agreed to move them after 6 months. The owners gave her and her son permission to live there so they could get a building permit. 4th here is the meat of this. Google the name Lenore Matusiewicz and or her son David or tom Matusiewicz and see what comes up. They were arrested in Nicaragua for kidnapping his kids. He is still in prison and she just got out. When she got out we tried to contact her to see if she could move the motor home and from that we got all of this crap from her and I guess it is her daughter. I have all of the documents if anyone is interested in them just reply to this blog and I will forward them to you. They sent this crap to everyone in the Nicaraguan business world and also Remax international and I am still an agent. People who know me know that I don't operate like that. To tell you the truth I was surprized that anyone could conjure up a lot of crap and get it published on the internet and someone would take it seriously and it could damage a sale or a reputation. Inrcredible!!


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