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wikipedia history

It was also interesting to take a look at the wikipedia history for the Managua article.  I think I've parsed it correctly, though I'm no expert on Wikipedia.

On August 31 2007, the Crime section of the Managua page was created by an anonymous user from an IP address in Granada Hills, California, posting data from a government report relating certain crime incidents and the dangers of Managua.  (See for that new addition). 

This was immediately deleted by the Wikipedia "LaNicoya" who then replaced it  (lower in the article) with the propaganda I quoted above. (See for that new addition.)

If we trust "LaNicoya"s user page at wikipedia, "she" is half-Nicaraguan and if we trust the birthdate, "she" was 18 at the time of removing the accurate data about Nicaragua's crime and replacing it with propaganda.  So if that's all true, it appears I was probably incorrect about the hypothesis in the article that the author was funded by the MCC.  More likely funded directly by "her" highschool or college.  Still the same US taxpayer money going to post propaganda.  Of course, we don't actually know her motivations, or whether she is a she.  Make what you will of it.  Probably the best thing to do is "judge a bull by its work" as they say in Nicaragua, and look at what the user deleted and added.

Let's see whether she decides to revert he page  to her propaganda crime statement and lock it.  I think that wikipedia power members can do that.


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