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safety in latin america

i have seen the same pattern in many places in latin america. gringos swearing how safe colombia is for example. gringos tell me that ecuador is sooooo safe. in reality both countries are dangerous as hell. local latinos will confirm that. in colombia someone gets abducted every three minutes. and that is only the official statistics. columbia is in a civil war, all intercity streets close at night.  in ecuador every businessman i know, those are not rich people by western standards, does employ a personal bodyguard.

i only believe in facts and i listen to local people.

with regards to nicaragua i believe that managua is very dangerous. so is the north and the caribbean. other cities are quite safe. when i was in nicaragua i have visited every single major city and even some small. nicas and the police warned me everywhere not to go to certain areas because of crime.

in general, why should i be restricted from going here or there ? why should i be restricted from going out at night or from walking at night. why should i live in a place where i do not have the freedom to move anywhere, any time of the day? everyone i know became victim of a violent crime in costa rica(i know many people in costa rica). i got robbed by the police in managua. that was the first time in my life that i got robbed anywhere, after living in and travelling to more than 75 countries.  i am sick and tired of crime in latin america. even in the poorest asian countries i can walk anywhere at night without problems. asia rocks !



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