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Overexaggerated Problems

Cory: You should be aware that your "problems" are a logical fallacy. I see no way how people are bothering you by stopping by and wishing you a "hello." They're not getting under your skin. They're being friendly. If you have a problem, just close your blasted door. Or lock yourself up as you would here in the United States. Not a big deal. As for this posting, TeleSUR in November, noted that Nicaragua's public policy for crime prevention and intervention are the reason why Nicaragua has been rated as the safest country in Central America. I have seen the statistics provided on this website, and not all of them are statistically significant after cross examining the data with chi squared or perason's variable tests. Feel free to youtube the video "Nicaragua seguro." It pops up as an official report from one of the best news groups in Latin America. It doesn't help that a Costa Rican flag is associated with this webpage. Costa Rica hasn't taken too fancy Nicaragua's recent economic surge and its lucrative costs that lure tourists away from overzealous spending at overpriced resorts. Comparative advantage is truly an amazing thing...


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