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Paid by the MCC?

 I am jdbriceno or Diego, the person you claim is being paid by the MCC to post false information.

You say "We've also had a user on this website, jdbriceno, who was trying to post misleading information on this website but then quit and hasn't been back.  I'm willing to bet that this "Diego jdbriceno" was being paid directly or indirectly by the MCC to misrepresent Nicargua in my claim about Nicargua's misuse of foreign aid."

Why haven't I been back? Well because you blocked my account and would not allow me to log in. I have now created I now account in the hope that I am not blocked.  You say I have been paid to post misleading information, would you please clarify as to what misleading information I ever posted because as far as I know everything I posted was directly cited from the CIA world factbook. You also say you can bet that I am being paid or was paid by the MCC, could you please tell me where you got your information? Because it appears it is you who is posting misleading information on the website.




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