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Nicaraguan self reliance

In your last post you stated "There is practially no manufacturing, practically no export of agriculture or natural materials (in Nicaragua)" But then you also state Nicaraguan exports constitute 20% of the GDP and it is steadily growing. 20% of the GDP of a nation is enormous. Industry(Manufacturing) in Nicaragua constitutes another 25.8% of GDP. Together that is 45% of all the GDP of Nicaragua. I am not comparing Nicaragua to Costa Rica (as you do) because Costa Rica is more advance in most aspects: exports, industry, tourism, investment ect; therefore when you compare Nicaragua to Costa Rica, Nicaraguan exports, industries ect seem insignificant when they are not.

You also go on to say that "As to my claim of exports being minor, we are looking at a number around $200 per person of exports annually, roughly 20% of GDP". To any person reading this that might seem small and insignificant, but when you compare that to the fact that roughly 50% of the Nicaraguan people earn less than $400 dollars a year, that $200 of exports is 50% of their total earnings. That same $200 is not insignificant when you compare it to the GDP per capita in Nicaragua which is $2,800. Those $200 per person of exports are a 7% of the GDP per person which is huge.

Of all your statements this is the least true and most farfetched, you state that "all you have to do is look and see that every single public project - church, market, bridge, road, police car, etc - is fully funded by foreign aid (In nicaragua)" Now this is outright ridiculous, for every single public project to be fully funded by foreign aid would mean that every single dollar that Nicaragua spends was given to it. That would mean that the $1.211 billion dollars that Nicaragua spends in a year is paid for by the $471 million dollars in economic aid Nicaragua receives.....


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