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exports and a graph

Hi, Good morning.

Let me first say that it is an honor to been collaborating together with you, for the first time on this website comparing our ideas about Central America. While I don't expect us to be able to arrive at a single, concise model to which we both subscribe, we are already sharing valuable ideas that at the least certainly contribute to the breadth and accuracy of our own individual models.

You mention that some numbers like 7% and 20% seem huge to you; are you comparing that to something in particular?

Could you alse explain a little more what you mean exactly by1.211 billion? Is this your estimate of officiat gov/t expenses? $471M estimate of official gov/t aid receipts? If I'm wrong in that, please help me understand what you mean. If I'm right, would you mind providing some more information about where you think the remainder of that cash comes from?

Click this gapminder graph for a fascinating chart that you can modify and/or "play" by clicking play in the lower left.

Perhaps it is an interesting chart to consider, when asking the question, "To what extent is 1980-1988 war responsible for Nicaragua's enomic situation 20 years later?" It's interesting, for instance, to compare Nicragua's "bounce back" to that of Poland, Germany, Japan, after their respective war-caused economic devastations.

Once again, thanks for your contributions to this forum!


ps maybe the graph will also display properly here (but click above for the interactive model in any case)


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