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Nicaraguan foreign aid

Well all my data comes directly from The CIA World Factbook and other government agencies. To begin with, the $1.211 billion I talked about is an estimate by the sources stated above of how much the Nicaraguan Government spends in a year. The $471 million I talked about is the amount of money Nicaragua receives in a year of Economic Aid from foreign country. Does that make it clearer?

You ask "would you mind providing some more information about where you think the remainder of that cash comes from?" The remainder of the cash is ($1.211 billion - 471 million) $729 million (estimate). Well that is an easy answer, that money comes from revenues the Nicaraguan government makes, be it from income taxes, sale taxes ect. So I ask you this you say that "every single public project - church, market, bridge, road, police car, etc - is fully funded by foreign aid (In nicaragua)" How exactly is that possible? How exactly does $471 Million dollars in foreign aid pay for $1.211 Billion dollars of Nicaraguan expenditures?? Expenditures that go to the building of roads, schools, markets ect.

The war itself is definitely not responsible for Nicaragua's current economic situation. The factors included are endless: massive earthquakes, corrupt leaders, revolutions, civil war ect.


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