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Invented information?

You say "(For instance, in a typical road-construction, you might have a special salary for a person to be overseeing it who is essentially just the political boss and doesn't go but one time per week, yet gets paid a very, very healthy full-time wage.) So whatever internal revenues exist don't even cover the mafia share. The actual projects are paid for with external monies,."

Where exactly did you learn this what sources, have you worked in the government?

You claim ridiculous things, and mix yourself up. If you only read the past posts we have written you could see that Nicaragua Revenues are 20% Exports, 25% industries. But then you go an state the following "Then we're left with 20 percent that is the revenue collected from purely local production." Your saying that of the 1.2 Billion dollars that Nicaragua spends in a year, only 20% actually comes from Nicaraguan revenues. Please read up on some Nicaraguan economic figures, I would recommend you read CIA world factbook on Nicaragua. Once you have done that, come post back. Thanks

I was referring to past presidents that were corrupt (Aleman). Not business leaders at all. Don't get information someone said and twist it around. Nicaragua is the second safest country in the western hemisphere after Canada. Much safer than any central american country where being mugged is a constant threat, where gangs are everywhere ect. You claim Nicaragua is a terrible place to invest, from whose perspective may i ask? Did some sort of business you have fail in Nicaragua, cause I could give you a few pointer. Nicaragua has huge investment opportunities in tourism, agriculture, technology (calling centers), sports ect. All you have to do is know where to look.


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