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Of course after reading your link about the CIA world factbook I read the page with the information you had mentioned.

Actually, respectfully, I think you mixed the numbers up: the 1.2 billion is the government expenditures per year, not total cash spent in Nicaragua, right? The 20% is an estimate I made up that only applies to government revenues/expenditures and doesn't directly relate to GDP/exports/imports.

What I say about politicos earning salary in construction (or other projects) is from first-hand experience with them. Although most politicos - even the local ones - are savvy enough to not speak frankly with foreigners present, on the other hand there are those who are apparently ashamed, hoping that somehow by talking about it, awareness might spread, and the movement as a whole might become more civil.

Online forums, I argue, at best contribute a diverse perspective of personal experiences that then must be verified by the readers. I don't have tape recorded conversations with my friends in Nicaraguan government and wouldn't betray them by putting those conversations online, no matter how corrupt. What is confidential is confidential. On the other hand, I will explain in a general sense the information an intelligent person would need to investigate effectively on his own with his own contacts he develops.

I invite you to contribute to the "Is It Safe" topic or create your own topic regarding safety in Nicaragua. I also invite you to contribute in new forum topics your business tips for Nicaragua, your suggestions for investment, and your comparison of the corruption in successive Nicaraguan administrations. To begin a new thread, you can click on "Create Content" on the left menu then click "Forum".


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