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We Keep Our People Happy

Yes Peter!  You finally got it even though it took you a long time... to sum up what the old Southern aristocrats used to say back in old Dixie before the Negro was emancipated by that race traitor Lincoln, " we keep our Negroes happy..."  get it?  Nicaragua is one giant Southern-style plantation with a few wealthy families living their Gone With The Wind fantasies and everybody else is happily toiling on the land so that the massas can stay wealthy, fat, and happy, and no outsiders are allowed in to break that vicious cycle.  It has been in existence for over 500 years, who are a few well-meaning girngos are Europeans to a bunch of hard-headed, half-bred gallardo peninsular, criollos, and mestizo families?  Everybody has their way of doing things, and liberty and justice for all WHITE MEN only exists in the great United States, not in lovely Nicaragua where the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.  And your insight about the security walls are spot on, you should see how high my Aunt's security walls are but she doesn't have any bodyguards, but I'm sure she could get a few if she wanted them so that the pandilleros don't think twice about jacking her late-model Mercedes while she's cruising down El Mirador.  Nicaragua is a lovely place indeed :))))))))))


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