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Anyone want to join me in San Juan del Sur, NI in March?

Need a Costa Rica Tourist Visa run?? 

Anyone want to join me in San Juan del Sur, NI in March?  I'll be doing a quickie 72 hour Visa Run via bus (though I MAY fly on NatureAir to Liberia to shave off 5 hours of the trip depending on my $$ situation at the time) taking the bus that goes to Peñas Blanca (NO WAY will you catch me on TransNica or TicoBus because you HAVE to stay on the bus crossing over the border till EVER person on the bus gets cleared on BOTH sides of the border.  From what MANY have reported to me, this can take HOURS plus it's LOTS more $$).

When we went in Dec. we stayed at an ULTRA basic place just a 1/2 block off the bay (yet with COMFY beds!!  Like $25/1-2 people!!) - The Joxi - & I'm checking on availability.

Wanna go explore San Juan del Sur together?  I've already gotten a good lay of the land (see my "website" - & I'm happy to share (I accept dinner/drink forms of appreciation!!).  Going around that timeframe yourself & want to connect up there?  

I've been mainly doing my visa runs in Bocas del Toro, Panama but since discovering SJDS, I have a new FAVORITE place (in a different way)!!

Do you have more details you'd like to share on my site?

If you're interested, e- me at




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