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the WWOOF organization

Thanks for your suggestions.

I don't actually care what the WWOOF organization thinks.  They've come begging back to say they would welcome Abundance Farm on their highbrow list after a change of heart, if I take down the free directory of WWOOF volunteer hosts that I posted on the internet (they would like me to give them back their monopoly on information).  But they still haven't apologized for their snobbery in our earlier interactions.  Unfortunately for them, the world doesn't need them anymore.  That's an outdated model - selling information that is now freely available.

I do try to state facts and opinions about many things (including Nicaragua) but I'm not yet convinced that it's my manner of speaking that turns people off.  Rather, it's that the facts and opinions that are unfamiliar to them.  If you have some specific examples on this website or elsewhere in my writing where you have some suggestion for how I could improve my readers' comprehension without removing the actual message, please let me know either privately or publicly.


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