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Dear Peter,

While avoiding doing what I should really be doing, I have been wandering around your site, in turns fascinated and horrified by your stereotyping of Nicaraguans. This page seems to have your only admission that your conclusions about Nicaragua are excessively "fatalistic" (your words). I return to Nicaragua regularly, and as a total scatterbrain, I am now up to both hands and feet when counting the number of times I have left a valuable personal belonging in a cafe or similar then returned to find it safeguarded by the staff. 

As a young blonde, I receive male attention in Nicaragua that would be unacceptable in my sanatised streets of Canberra, but would not be at all out of place whilst passing the construction yards of Western Sydney. 

I cannot deny that there are aspects of Nicaraguan life that terrify, appall and disgust me. However, there are others that are beautiful, inspiring, hard-working and honest. You risk replicating the errors you accuse "nicaliving" of making, only in the opposite vein.




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