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Who made them poor?

Nobody made them poor. Every group of people start out poor, they just have to work their way out of it. Certainly outsides didn't help with their averice toward the natural resources and fruit products of latin America just as the British and Europeans did to the US and Canada in the 18th and 19th centuries. They didn't have any Mellons, Rockafellers (sp?) to show them the way.

Also the US built it's industrial base by selling to thier own citizens which was protected by draconian iimport tariffs on imports. Also the US had a hugh and growing internal market to buy their products.

Especially in Central America the countries are small  and have to import much of thier necessities. Trade wise it was not a good thing when they dismantled the Central American confederation and begin competing among them selves. Then there was all the internal civil wars and dissension among the various countries. I think CAFTRA with all of its flaws will force Central American countries to work together. But we can only hope! 


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