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Who Made the Latin American Poor People Poor?

          Your article is very well written. These are questions that I and many others have considered. This is the first time I have seen most all the issues covered in a well reasoned and succinct, chronological way. What I most appreciate is that you let the reader come to their own conclusion.

          As you may be suggesting, regarding your friend's blog entries on Honduras, these are universal questions. In Tibet I noticed how similar the native people were to the North American Indians and in turn, the similar affects caused by the domination of a more powerful culture. In North America the Europeans crushed the Indians, the Chinese are obliterating the Tibetan culture, the Spanish conquered the Indigenous in the Western Hemisphere, dictators are grabbing for power in South America and Africa and the multinational mega corporations are up on top of it all trying to control the world!

         This makes a simple statement about human nature. Human evolution is the same on a global scale as it is on an indivual scale. A young child pushes his playmate and takes their toy. As the child matures, he learns to make different choices. As he matures spiritually, he prefers to make the most altruistic choices. It is my belief that humanity on the whole is working toward advanced enlightenment. Hard lessons are being learned through the current economic conditions. As this growth occurs, individuals and countries will realize that to do good for another brings the greatest benefit to ones self. It is this belief that supports my persistant optimism and love for people and life itself.

        Your post has inspired me to publish a new entry in my travel journals. Last month I wrote a letter to the Tico Times in Costa Rica. My concerns were regarding issues on a much smaller scale yet they are relevant to this discussion.

Pura Vida, Pure Life and Love,



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