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tend to agree with you lisa

I think I tend to agree with you , Lisa.  However, do you ever feel like your tips are not very well appreciated by those who don't want your advice?  The number of times I found people resentful when I tried to teach them something new left me pretty clear that the tactic wasn't working, so I have become somewhat more of a exhistential or nihilist about the ability of one people to help another.

Ed, so I should have said who keeps the poor poor, instead of who made them poor?  Probably right - although in some cases in history people have experienced serious malnutrition and poverty after revolutionary change (do China, North Korea, Cambodia, and Nicaragua have anything in common? -- not necessarily right now, but in the corresponding periods for each of them in the past 50 years?)

(by the way, you're both members of the site - if you log in before you post a response, it will be automatically posted immediately.  the delayed comment system is just for users not logged in, due to computer spam.)


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