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I generally agree

It's important to not be too idealistic, that's why I asked that question.  "Give us this day our daily bread" - for me, that means in part that I can accept that I do have certain expectations that are not unreasonable.  I can't have everything the way I want it, but I also don't have to give everything up just because I might want it a certain way either.  

All over the world, I've volunteered as a teacher.  It's amazing how few people want to learn - most people simply aren't very interested in learning anything new.  You're probably right that it's no use to try to teach them if they're in that situation, though I do personally think it's not wasteful to tell them what I want if it impacts me directly.

What about kids?  If you see some ten year olds torturing a cat, do you tell them to stop?  What if it's another kid they're torturing?  Love them for that?  Love Hitler when he's gassing his enemies?  Ironically, in Central America I feel the most comfortable telling kids to behave, even if they're complete strangers.  In the U.S. or here in the Philippines, I don't feel as comfortable with that, I think for different reasons in each case.


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