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a few more responses...

I received these two responses to my email:

1) our daughter was born at Cima in San Jose and she has not received any vaccinations to date. our pediatrician respects our choice and has never given us a hard time, nor mentioned that there any legal requirements for vaccinations in costa rica. it is your right as a parent to decide this.

2) Hi! First of all--CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy to hear about your successful home birth. My daughter had her baby here in C.R. and was hoping for a home birth. She had a wonderful midwife, but ended up having to go to the public hospital for a c-section. My point in telling you this is that she did not want her son to have any vaccinations. She was told that vaccinations were required and that her baby could not leave the hospital without them. We fought it as best we could but they never budged. She didn't feel like spending the rest of her life in the public hospital, so her son was given the vaccinations. He's now five years old and we were concerned that the would require vaccinations for kindergarten, but we had no problems.

My daughter just had to write a note explaining her stand.

My other daughter had her baby in C.R., too. Her baby was born in a clinic and no vaccinations were required. She was able to get the baby's birth certificate, no problem, thru the Registro Civil. I don't know if this information will be of any help because it seems that "the law" changes depending on who you're talking to. Sometimes I think that each person in a position of authority says what they "think" the law is, and state it as fact...but that's just me being my sceptical self...


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