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Home birth / vaccinations


Like you, I've also educated myself on the harm of vaccinations at such an early stage.  And at that, some of the vaccines that contain thimerisol, etc.  How did you find your midwife?  How did you go about your home-birth?  I am very interested in following through with a natural-home-birth but I need to know of the steps I'll need to take and who to get in contact with to set everything up? I am hoping you can assist me there :)

It's really sad that this country cares more about money than the safety of our children.  Knowing what I know about certian vaccinations, I would never (if I can help it) put them in my childs body.

I appreciate your time with this.  Please feel free to reply or send me an email at wendy (at) sadsoft (odt) com




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