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If you read Spanish, then you may want to read this

At least if you visit Nicaragua. Because this may interfere with your ability to live your life of dreams there. After all, rape is not a nice dream:

If I were you, I'd have THIS phone number: Tel. 2252-7100 on your automatic dial list, just in case you meet these people:


Róger (Pablo) Morales, director de Asesoría Legal;
el comandante Martín Martínez, director de Desarrollo Institucional;
la subcomandante Pamela Aguilar, directora de Extranjería;
el subcomandante Martín Jarquín, director de Fronteras;
la capitán Cristina Castillo, directora de Recursos Humanos;
el subteniente Mario Aburto, jefe Financiero,
el subteniente Pedro Cubillo, inspector de Fronteras.

It is the number to The American Citizen Services Unit of the U.S Embassy, Managua. And it could save your life and gain your release when you are illegally arrested by them! Especially if you can prove the detention is illegal with valid documents. Because the people listed above don't play by the rules and posting your information online is dangerous to you, since they now know you can pay mordida for your release.


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