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"Coning from the mentality of love and graciousness"

Tell that to the two Venezuelans (an attorney and a physician) who were held incommunicado for simply visiting Nicaragua on business. They were picked up by one of those people as they were preparing to fly out of Nicaragua. And how did they not take care of themselves?

They didn't have a stamp on their visa for entering Nicaragua.


Because they entered one of the CA-4 countries BEFORE they entered Nicaragua and didn't need it. However, due to their positions and ability to pay mordida they were targeted by Roger Pablo Morales for an illegal detention and huge bribes.

Be very careful about your naivety and watch the news. You may learn something about "happy people and guardian angels."

BTW, we've learned that DGME in EVERY Central American country tends to act the same way, so Costa Rica may not be as safe as you believe. And I say that having a Central American husband who I both revere and adore.


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