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Fear and Panic vs. LIVING

I'm not implying that at all. And as someone married to a Central American, you can BET I'll be in Central America soon! I have told of those things to make people aware, not to shake them into never venturing outside of the U.S. or Canada. But so many ex-pats get a feeling of being too safe once they get used to a place, and that simply should never be a reality in places like Latin America.

I also say this as person of South American descent married to a Central American. I encourage people to step outside of their comfort zones and get to know the world. I wish more would! I sincerely believe that when this happens it removes the barriers between nations, and it may even alter some of the negativity cast at immigrants.

Just don't get too comfortable that you risk your safety. Be diligent! Always keep the embassy number ready on speed dial, just in case. And if you travel to places like Nicaragua where there is a great deal of corruption,tell EVERYONE when you should return. If you don't return by then, HAVE THEM CALL THAT NUMBER! I say that after spending 9 days searching for my husband and just having him released on Tuesday. I can't tell you what he went through, but it rivals the story I've already told and it may be coming out in the news soon. I could tell you what I went through trying to free him. It involves two human rights organizations, UNHCR, his embassy, and my embassy. It took a great deal of determination on my part, because DGME is no joke and I literally had to scare the crap out of them to have my husband released. I'm sure Roger Pablo Morales will NEVER forget my name...LOL. And I can also tell you of the wonderful people he met there and the lifetime relationships we will have with these people. Many of whom were instrumental in helping us obtain his release and the release of several others who had been incommunicado for a month.

Before my husband moved to Nicaragua we lived in Mexico for 9 years and felt as safe as you do. I had a network of good friends, no reason to feel any other way. And there too, what happened to my husband and I could have happened to anyone. We left Mexico suddenly. It suffices to say that.

And I am sincerely happy for you that you are living a good life. You look like a wonderful and fun person I might enjoy having over to a BBQ. Just be careful where you advertise it. Because as much as I hate to admit it as a Latina, we have some rather unscrupulous folks in this culture. People who will watch what you say and prey on you. And you have posted your photo to make it all too easy. Capische?!!!

Now go enjoy Costa Rica and have a lifetime of experiences. But never get so you feel too safe!


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