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Thank you for your sincere, kind and thoughtful comments. I didn't realize that you were talking about your own personal experience. I really can't imagine what a nightmare that must have been. I'm grateful to know that your husband was released. Of course, you would want to warn others.

I visited Nicaragua about a year and a half ago. I traveled by bus to Los Chiles in Costa Rica where my son and I took a boat to San Carlos. There we stayed overnight and took a big boat across the lake (overnight) to Granada. We toured Granada for two days. I enjoyed the trip. We had no problems. It was two weeks before the elections, I believe it was mayoral elections. It is fortunate that we were not there after the election. The violence in the streets made world news headlines.

I had hoped to visit Nicaragua again. I have friends here in Puerto Viejo from Bluefields. I'd love to see Corn Island. I speak some Spanish and I don't look like a rich Gringa, but it's obvious I'm not Latin. Do you think it is unsafe for even simple tourists like me?


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