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Black and white

I am sadden to see some folks that go thru what appears to be hassles but its just that folks are just not careful enough.
When I traveled to Eastern Europe I was treated the same way and sometimes, most of the time, taken advantage of. Doing business in some of these countries is a challange and one needs to have all your information BEFORE investing and have a good lawyet.

I thank you for your interests in property in Nicaragua. (or assuming ) Peter, I am a contractor and BUILD homes not sell real estate. The property that I use has clear title and is exempt from the costal law. This is where I like to build. I really don`t mind if you are shown documents for not , you are not of interests to me. If you were indeed a possible client then I might take the time and bother to do so meanwhile, I was simply questioning about the post at hand., Peter.



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