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You don't play poker do you...I'm calling your bluff

Here they are, my dear! Uncensored, which is unique for YOUR side of the ethical world, no?

They began with you sending me the FIRST private message because you didn't have the nads to take this venom public. And I addressed you:

Feb 22 2010 - 2:05pm
Ha Ha Ha Young Lady - You are stepping on an important somebody's toes here big time but obviously you do not know it!
You don't get around much do you?
Guess who here has knocked up two young teenage girls (one Nica & one Philippine) and dumped the first one for the second one and is proud of it ?????
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Feb 22 2010 - 2:19pm
Ha ha ha, I have done nothing of the sort. And Peter was in his 20's when he involved himself romantically with a young girl. BIG DIFFERENCE between what he did and an aging old coot of 60, who can't find anyone to give him the time of day. Peter and I have already discussed this. Your information is skewed. You should go talk to our favorites pedophiles, John Wayne and Phil Hughes! Now, THOSE TWO would be arrested if I turned them in to the U.S. Department of State, for statuatory rape, dear. There is a reason for that! People don't take kindly to dirty old farts with daddy/daughter fetishes they act upon, even if the teen aged girl's needs are strictly monetary.
Ask Peter how well we get along! He knows I don't approve of teen aged brides, but he also knows I don't think his 20 something year old experience is as disgusting as a wrinkled old goat who exploits little girls. Why? Because 20 year old boys have normal healthy romantic needs, where aging old goats need Viagra and disgust young girls. Capische, my poor unenlightened old rope of a man?
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Feb 22 2010 - 3:42pm
Anyhow I am not here to defend anyone or knock anyone that you have been fighting with.
(never use a proposition to end a sentence with)
But young lady your facts are skewed about your hero but your mind? is made up so I won't waste time enlightening you.
That is a novel idea that it is OK for a 20 year old to be a pedophile, have a baby, and then desert both!
Do you like Peter's demonstrated hard core racism as well or have you not gotten around enough to know all about that?
I will tell you this - I have never heard of anyone who felt sorry for Peter when he was attacked. The general consensus is that he deserved it.
If you know the history of Kelly Ann Thomas and you are a decent person you would not be ranting so much about her.
I know her and she is a little outspoken (and sort of liberal) but nothing compared to you.
""THOSE TWO would be arrested if I turned them in to the U.S. Department of State, for statuatory rape, dear""
Why don't you try it and PROVE what a fool you are???
No it is much easier to rant like an idiot and NOT prove anything you spew.
When you make stupid statements like that you completely destroy your credibility.
We had a well known pedophile from the states here in SJDS for a while and he was shunned by everybody that knew about him.
But his situation is different than that of someone who marries a 16 year old as is also frequently done in the states.
And NO they do not go to jail!
That is not my style but to each his own.
And most folks are repulsed by promoters that offer young girls to tourists.
This is obviously wrong and illegal.
You have made a complete fool of yourself and your deep rooted mental problems are obvious.
I wish you well if you ever try to recover from your debilitating emotional state.
A closing thought is that you and Peter would make a nice compatible couple except you are much too old.
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Feb 22 2010 - 4:30pm
Apparently, you ARE here to defend your friends and (yourself maybe?) Peter Christopher's name has been dragged through the mud by a 60 year old pedophile who most likely envies him because of his youth. Ten people emailed me about Peter, defending him for that reason, when I didn't care who he was. They were insistent about defending him, because they saw through Phil Hughes and his modeling sessions promoting his perversions with 15 year old girls. I don't think most people would view a 20 year old dating a 16 year old the same as a 60 year old, so I'm not sure what your point is. There is a four year age difference, not a 54 year age difference! A 20 year old is still maturing, while a 60 year old SHOULD have matured.
And Peter is as far from being a racist as you are from being a decent human being. He not only became one with the Latin culture, but he was interested enough to speak the language, blend in, and he was well liked by many.
Phil Hughes is (I'm told by many) an alleged tax evader who took mommy's money and moved to Nicaragua and sent that money to offshore accounts. He should be fearing this if the allegations are true:
He is paying of the Sandinistas to keep them from arresting him. He is everything vulgar and ugly with America and most people realize that. They see through the sites that glamorize him and kiss up to him. Anyone taking a simple look at the photos of Peter and those of Phil would realize the difference between a young man with romantic notions who got involved with a young woman, as opposed to an old pervert who posts photos all over the internet demonstrating what looks like a prepubescent marital site for old crows who can't even get it up any longer.
As for Kelly Ann Thomas, she is a pathetic woman who never realized her dreams...most likely because she married an oil man instead of believing in herself enough to pursue her own goals. Women that marry for money usually have a miserable life like hers, and she demonstrated this in her venom over my book publishing venture. She was so jealous it was hilarious had it not been so pitiful. If she hadn't been so mean to the widow of Ken Kinzel, I might even feel sorry for her, but apparently her bitter little life in Nicaragua has destroyed her human compassion for a widow. I have very little respect for bitter women like that!
And I hate to tell you, but the last pedophile in Mexico who married a 16 year old and was discovered by the U.S. Department of State was hauled off to jail under Operation Predator. He was a person who was shunned by the community and someone turned him in finally, right after they beat the crap out of him one night. But don't believe me. Read this:
THIS is what your pals have to look forward to and that just makes me smile, for some odd reason. Besides the fact that I know that as a community gets fed up with these sickos, they get organize a squad of citizens to beat the crap out of them before they turn them over to the cops.
You amuse me though, because your deep seated insecurity shows through every post. And the fact that you can't control me here must bug the shit out of you, no? And that pleases me more! That's why I will continue to post here and be read by all of you losers. It must KILL you inside, no? And if I wasn't married to my gorgeous husband, I would find Peter Christopher (if he were older) to be a delightful bachelor who I would find interesting. The fact that he has the balls to weather a weak minded group of perverts and frustrated biddies, who attacked his character (and a grieving widow's character) even makes him MORE appealing. Because I've always detested emotional wimps like you and your perverted pals. You'd REALLY hate me if you knew me in person, because I would spit right in your face and you couldn't do a thing about it. ROFL
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Feb 22 2010 - 4:39pm
You may want to send your perverted pedophile friends these links too. ROFL
"Sexual predators cannot hide from ICE simply by traveling across borders to exploit, violate, and abuse children," said Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for ICE John Morton. "Working closely with our partners overseas, we will continue to identify people who travel for illicit purposes, and we will pursue justice for abused children no matter where they live."
And there are so many more, dear. It just does my heart PROUD! Bet it isn't too comforting to you, though, eh?
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Feb 23 2010 - 11:09am
Hola "Desperate John,"
Apparently, John P. Stafford, you have issues with quite a few people around Nica Living and other places. Even the moderators there and the Nicas find you a bit odd and wonder why if you have no respect for the people of Nicaragua, you remain there. Not very bright to demonstrate that in a country like Nicaragua! People in Latin America don't fancy Anglos with your type of ignorant arrogance, and those of greater means may become highly offended and do something to remove your misery in life. I can assure you that you probably have never seen the type of violence that your type of naivety creates in places like that and it would probably have you pissing your pants if you realized how violent it can get. I'd tone down your arrogance and hostility a bit, if for no other reason, than for your own personal safety there.
And I can understand why you defend the gold digger (Kelly Ann Thomas) now. After all, you are almost neighbors, no? ROFL She should think a little more highly of herself than to settle for marrying for money...a real woman has the capacity to generate her own wealth, without having to marry for it like the Nicaraguan princesses of poverty! But I'm not going to wish her misery for her inability to prosper on her own. I hope one day she becomes la gran dama de SJDS, so she feels she has accomplished something instead of "llorar por culpa de la palabras adolescente" or crying the tears of her adolescent words she tosses all over the internet. The poor thing!
But you both should keep a lower profile, living where you do. I've been told poor Kelly was beaten pretty badly in a home invasion robbery. Does she realize the enemies she's made with her shrewish behavior online isn't wise in a country like Nicaragua where entire Latin families take offense to Anglos who butt their noses in where they don't belong? You Anglos assume that people in Latin America play by the same rules and may worry about your well being. Nobody there cares about your well being or safety. They expect each of you to act as if God has blessed you with some common sense, dear. And as much as Kelly hates and envies me, I wouldn't wish anything like what she already experienced there on anyone. No human being deserves that! Be safe and keep a low profile in Nicaragua. You aren't in Kansas, Dorothy!
Saludos, amigo malo Malísimo!

Feb 23 2010 - 2:09pm
Jesus Christ woman you are the most fucked up person I have ever seen post in any Nica forum!
I don't know any of the people you are talking about and I am not an old man that chases young girls.
I did NOT follow you anywhere - I responded to your pathetic post here!
Good by and good luck solving your personal mental problems!
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Feb 23 2010 - 2:34pm
My dear, YOU were the one that contacted ME, NOT the other way around. So figure out who the sicko is from that! I know I have! Your message was not in the confines of the forum because you are too gutless to do so. THOSE are the facts, my mentally challenged friend. Now move on! You lost the battle.
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Feb 23 2010 - 4:00pm
The reason I sent you a private message is that I did not want to see you embarrass yourself any further in the open forum but obviously I was wrong to worry about that.
Good luck in life!
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Feb 23 2010 - 5:32pm
You weak little man! You sent me a private message because you are one of the spineless wimps that need people to defend you in forums, and you knew you wouldn't have that luxury here. You would have to do like me here, and stand on your own. And we both know you aren't man enough to do that in life. So you sent me a private message because you couldn't handle what people going against you as I did in 2 forums, and we BOTH know that!
You sent it because you didn't want Peter to see it. You are one of the most wimpy and spineless idiots I've ever met! And you make me so proud that I met a REAL man instead of a weak specimen like you. My biggest turn off is a wimp of a man who lacks the balls to stand up to public opinion without hand holding, and THAT describes you and your loser friends to a tee! Go get psychological help for your fears. That a woman is ten times braver than you should make you feel a sense of shame, but that you thought you'd address me with your lack of balls? Hilarious!


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