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no, frankly, I don't know

Hi John, I don't know you, and I didn't presume to know your intentions.  But now that you've made it clear that your goal was to create a maybe-socially-acceptable way to publicly accuse me of something you haven't even investigated yourself to learn the facts about, and which happens to be a libelous insinuation, I wonder whether, like many white pyramid scheme fraudsters in Nicaragua, you are attempting to sell something there and are threatened that I have exposed the truth about Nicaragua, which makes it harder for you to continue believing in the your (plural) own inaccurate portrayal of the arrival of a gentrified Nicaragua.  If you've got any integrity, take out an advertisement in a US paper making what claims you want to make about me, pay for it with a personal check drawn on your own account that holds your assets in a US institution.  Then we can pick a day and go to court and present our respective cases to a jury of our peers whether you are attempting to smear the reputation of a person and his family based on lies.  And if you really want kudos, get the rest of your aspiring journalist rumor-whisperers to similarly send in a personal check from their accounts that hold their funds in US institutions to pay for successive days of the advertisement.  Or are you a coward like Phil Hughes, Jon Berger, "BlackEagle", Sherif El Dibani, all you can do is hide behind a screen name in a foreign country?  If what you want to do is tarnish my reputation, try it like an educated, civil man, where you can be held accountable for what you say, not a teenage boy who leaves an anonymous note in the teacher's desk, that reads in cut out letters from newspapers, "Bobby said Sally said Moe said Curly said the F-word!"


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