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Peter, why the fascination with my background?

You ask how I formed my opinion about that woman? Simply by reading her hateful verbal diarrhea here and on other sites. I won't dignify her with a reply to her rude and outrageous comments and attacks on someone she does not know.

The USA and Nicaragua probably made a wise choice by refusing her gangster husband entry and refuge. She seems forever harping about older men and younger women. If any part of her story is true, her "husband" would be substantially younger then she.

To me she, her story and her ranting and raving is irrelevant and repulsive. I refuse to waste my time on a wanna-be writer wishing to drum up publicity for a fiction novella she hopes to get published. She may be a journeyman wordsmith but she will never be considered a master by anyone but herself. In order to be a master at this craft, it requires more than technique. It requires love for writing and the willingness to put your hear into it. She falls short on both counts.

I wish you good luck Peter. I may decide to return and participate in you forum once sanity returns and gangster mama leaves.

You have my email address. Just let me know when that happens.

Good luck to you.


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