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Ahhh shucks! Another one bit the dust!

But I think what is very telling is that THIS thread has 1203 reads. That says a great deal about the folks at Nicaliving and the other site where they mix and mingle. In other words, they always SAY they won't read another thing when I'm around and yet....

ROFL It reminds me of a toddler running in his room and telling mommy, "I hate you!"

My girl friend here...El Gordo, reminds me of the gay bars in Colonia Escalon. These are odd little places where a few machos go who really don't like being macho at all; and they are well hidden behind car washes and other odd off the wall shanty places, so that everything that El Salvador denies is neatly hidden, the same way this American butt cowboy hides behind the words, El Gordo.

I have a feeling he will be reading and re-entering as another personality, under a cult of personalities. He's too angry that you won't remove me, Peter; because his game is censorship and control, and when he doesn't get his way he pouts and takes his marbles to another sandbox. Poor S.O.B!

Talk about gang membership! These idiots belong to the same mentality of gangs as any 18th streeter or Mara Salvatrucha member. They value the same gutless principles, practice the same group think behavior, honor the same spineless leaders, and run off with the same tail between their legs as any mara member I've ever seen. Given the choice between a mara member and this spineless version, I confess, I have more respect for the mara member, because at least he admits he's a "low life" where this one feigns dignity. It's about the most humorous thing I've ever seen. He needs his buddies to "have his back" to feel like a big man, and how do they do this? They group up on women rendering an opinion and demonstrate the same dysfunctional rage as any tattooed sign-throwing gangbanger out there.

And when that doesn't work, he tries to level what he thinks will be the soul crusher. He comments on my writing, with a level of English skills that reflects his illiteracy, which is even more humorous.

Keep his business card, Peter. It may be something to pick your teeth with. And El Gordo...keep following me, babydoll! I WUV YOU! ROFL


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