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How to piss off a pedophile, Lesson 1...for El Gordo

El Gordo accused me of making "noise" that pissed off the forums at the "real" nicaragua and Nicaliving, getting me kicked off of one of those forums and choosing to leave another. I question his definition of noise. Here is what I did...

1. I posted facts about the damage done to young impoverished women from pedophiles who seek them in Central American Countries. That was my initial post in the Real Nicaragua, and a few sent me emails personally thanking me for bringing that issue to light.

2. I defined what a pedophile was for those who responded to that post unfavorably. They took issue which seems odd if it isn't a behavior one practices.

3. I responded to El Gordo and a few others who insisted they sought wives young enough to still be wearing Dora the Explorer panties and took them to task, when they were bragging about the little girls they chose for wives while being in their 50s and 60s, the same as anyone would do in the U.S. My values and belief system doesn't change based on my location, like the perverts.

4. After that, I posted fact after fact after fact, that made these perverts feel as uncomfortable as they should have, instead of celebrating their perversion or ignoring it. And I think this is a responsible thing to do when these sorts have bragged about illegal criminal behavior. I have done the same thing on gang sites and in other forums where criminal behavior is spoken about freely.

5. I told El Gordo and his friends who practice this type of sick social pathology that they are sick bastards and explained why they needed therapy.

6. I reminded them why marrying a child bride could be grounds for an arrest warrant by I.C.E and demonstrated cases where they made arrests.

7. I listed social conclusions of psychologists and other professionals about the damage this behavior does to these young girls and their lives.

Here is a great profile of a predator or pedophile, and the people who were upset by my posts took offense to this:

Child pedophiles do exhibit many of the same characteristics:
* Most pedophiles are over the age of 40
* Many pedophiles are single.
* Many pedophiles appear much more comfortable around children than around adults their own age.
* Some pedophiles actually have a sketchy work history.
* Pedophiles are typically fascinated with everything surrounding children, including their activities and habits.
* Pedophiles often have expensive child-like hobbies, such as exotic pets, model building, etc.
* Pedophiles often prefer spending time with prepubescent children.
* Pedophiles often try to find work around children. .

These are facts, not noise. That it makes these men uncomfortable? I say GREAT! Because moving to Central America to exploit little girls should never be a behavior that decent Americans accept or tolerate. This behavior should be reported to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, because they make arrests for these acts.

Why did I initiate this post? Because many of the aged pedophiles who admitted they had this disorder and openly bragged about marrying girls younger than 15, and often MUCH younger, seemed to justify their decisions with faulty assumptions about the legalities of molesting children in Central America. They assumed that doing something forbidden in their country of origin, which they clearly realized they would be imprisoned for, would be an acceptable behavior to inflict on impoverished little girls in a foreign country, and frankly, the racism behind that form of denial was offensive to me...both as a Latina and an American!

I have no problem with older men and younger women agreeing to consenting adult relationships. The difference in years is not important to me. I also would be hesitant about going after a man in his late teens or early twenties who became involved with a young girl who had not yet reached the age of reason, because there could be a case for late development and the attraction most likely would be a mutual one.

But when a 50 or 60 year old man lacks the emotional development to find a consenting adult for a partner, I take issue. Because he knows it is wrong, and he doesn't care.

Why? Because it isn't a mutual attraction at that point, it is statutory rape and control. No teen aged girl looks at a shriveled old fart and feels attraction. Hell! Even many of us 50 year old women are turned off by some of the bitter old wrinkled and poorly aged farts out there, and at 12 and 13 we DEFINITELY found nothing attractive about them. So it comes down to money, or prostitution really.

If the child is poor enough and the gringo has enough money to flash her way, she may turn her head. And if a man realizes he has this social disorder and moves to another country to inflict his pathology on children from a third world country, that adds another disgusting factor in the power play, which should add more time when arrested for the crime. Prostitution is illegal all over the world. Marrying the hooker, even if she is a pre-pubescent child suffering from a lack of self esteem, doesn't make it legal.

And that level of selfishness is offensive to me, when they can clearly seek women that the world and their country of origin, specifically, recognizes as legal age. Also, because many Central American men, like my husband, feel disgusted with these perverts; so it can be extremely dangerous for them, and they don't seem to realize this. Many years ago, while living in Mexico, there were three men with similar outlooks. I recall the conversations conducted behind these men's backs; and I recall how nice these same men appeared in front of these vile old men. And it wasn't long before one of the men was targeted and beaten quite severely, and headed home. Shortly after, the other two received a few threats and left. This is what morons like this never seem to realize. That as much as your neighbor may smile in your face, he could be feeling the same way any American father would feel if you molested his young daughter.

My posts initially were not directed at any one man. They were general in nature, however seeing the arrogant responses of quite a few perverts who admitted they practiced this behavior, I did address them individually. My question is this...if you aren't engaged in the crime, why become so angry over it? And I think we all know the answer.

What was very telling, was the level of anger directed at me for wanting to protect children; and I dare say that these same disgusting men wouldn't have spoken out that way inside the U.S.....telling me to "F" off when I hadn't even used profanity in dealing with them...becoming rabid with anger; nor would they have bragged that they had sex with young girls under 15. They would have kept it hidden, for fear of arrest. The fact that pedophiles feel this safe, and grow this angry when addressed, as El Gordo has demonstrated should tell Nicaragua, Costa Rica and other countries that they need to address this problem and follow the model of El Salvador, who is taking this issue very seriously.

El Gordo, NEVER come to El Salvador! Because we take child molestation VERY seriously here! And frankly, we don't want your sort here!

But then, I'm sure that's why you chose to inflict your behaviors on Nicaragua...because if Ortega can rape his own step daughter, then it is unlikely he will worry about the daughters of good citizens. And THAT my dear, is what set you on the course of following me with your hilarious rants to remove me. Now go check your blood pressure, dear, because you just woke up the beast again. ROFL


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