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Hi Cory,

Hi Cory,

Greetings.  Hope you are doing well.  I tend to agree with LaFoca's comments that these are important issues to consider in terms of understanding Latin culture in and of itself as well as the role of expats in Latin countries.  Maybe you are right that LaFoca is jumping to conclusions that there are many members of Nicaragua sites who date or marry girls under 15 or under 16 or under 18.  I haven't met many of the people on those websites in person so I don't know the statistics; as far as I know, she hasn't me them either so I'm not sure how she is so convinced of the statistics but maybe we should ask her directly about that.  I have met you, and I am quite convinced that you are an honest and righteous man; LaFoca, Cory is a good guy, I know it, you'd like him in person and be impressed with his hard work and family.  

LaFoca, you seem to have a lot of information on the topic, so if you ever feel inclined to write a resource page covering the US and local laws with links to the actual laws, I don't think we have that yet on this site.



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