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Thank you Peter

I hope I can shed some light on the country. Not just the good stuff, but the real truth about El Salvador from a Salvadoran perspective and the perspective of a U.S. citizen displaced and living with that Salvadoran. I like to read honest evaluations of places, not just the tourist garbage, but the down home meaty and gritty dirt, or the odd things no one hears about. I will seek that.

For the record, although my "husband" and I have been together 11 years in a common law relationship, we are finally getting married there. So I will be able to report on that process as well. And I have an update to my pet post as of a phone call last night.

When I'm wrong, I will be honest enough to admit it. This is what I hated about Nica Living. It was so much b.s. because most of the reporting was done by people who didn't even speak Spanish and thought they knew the culture. How ridiculous they were! I wanted to know what the actual people like you, who actually MINGLED with the people knee deep in the country knew; not what a bunch of tourist's who settled down for a few years experienced, who lived in a protected area. At five years and without understanding the language, you don't know a damn thing. Especially, when you hide out in a North American enclave, instead of actually getting to know the countrymen. But of course, they were all "experts." ROFL Most of what they posted was like licking the chocolate off of an ice cream bar before you reached the vanilla inside.
One dingbat there married some loser Nicaraguan who beat her, cheated on her, and stole her money, as some low class Latinos will do to lonely and desperate Anglo women who grow stupid when they stay in foreign places; and this poor girl thought her loser was the example of Central American men.

I tried to tell her that many Latin women, like me, wouldn't tolerate a man like that, and that's why they seek lonely Anglos women in foreign countries, with more money than common sense; but she is fairly pig headed and that’s probably why he selected her. She got what she paid for, I guess. I don't pay for men of any culture for company. I expect them to be industrious enough to produce their own. I have only loaned one man any money in my husband. It was to begin a business we were partners in...and he paid me every single dime back! He knew if he didn't, I would serve him his balls. THAT's how Latin women behave! Ask any Latin man. He’ll tell you the reputation we have for being sweet and submissive is trickery.

These are the myths I hope to dispel. I want people to understand the realities of these places, not the assumptions and stereotypes.


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