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LaFoca, You make some very good points, but none better than that about those ex-pats who bury themselves in a community of similar types and upon spending a goodly amount of time in-country consider themselves locals and think they know the place. Go on and you can spot their insider insights by the dozens. You can tell they don't know the language and, consequently, don't know the culture either. Fact is, if they spent as much time with the locals as they do at their computers instructing clueless tourists, they could actually learn Spanish and really immerse themselves in the culture. I for one recognize your efforts to "tell it like it is" and sincerely appreciate it. My wife and I are hoping to try out living in Salvador towards year's end. This after 20+ years of spending months at a time there. We already have a support system, ie. muchos amigos, still living AND working there will present some challenges I'm guessing---challenges I'm looking forward to! Gracias otra vez por su commentario y buena suerte en el senda de vida.


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