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To La Foca, On your excellent posts.

Many years ago, about 2002 or 2003 I think, when I started to aid a cause based in Masaya, Nicaragua, I joined Nica Living and there were some really good posts on there, however made the mistake of e mailing Phil H. and found just another 'gringo' who knew everything and had nothing to learn, talked down to others and was arrogant in general. Gradually just quit posting on the group and found a couple of nice Spanish language portals based in Managua. Everything is a learning experience. No one is perfect, for example I was a tour guide/interpreter based in Guatemala until 1993, returned here to El Salvador, wound up mainly volunteering to help the old ISTU guides and delegates, I had a vehicle and most often these delegates had to take buses everywhere. I finally gave up on "tourism" here and started selling engraved pens and watches and jewelry on commision, business to business, door to door. Pre-Internet days in ES (first public Cyber Cafe in El Salvador was about 1997 in Antiguo Cuscatlan,, ES 1st "search engine" Dr. Ernesto Richter y Fernando Lara de Taca, with Outlook Express, 35 Colones $4.00 an hour!!! Finally got computer at home in year 2000. Back to using Ciber cafes, living simply, long ago sold my vehicle over in Guate where it was registered. Many the older native Salvadorans and older Ex Pats I knew have passed away or moved away. I work occasionally with non profits in the country (campo) and enjoy my days away from the 'modern' El Salvador. I first arrived here in ES in 1970 and stayed some 18 months, returned in the 1980s but lived over in Guate until the War was well over. I learn something new every day. Would rather spend time out in teh Rain Forest in Cinquera with ex combatantes and campsino(a)s than MetroCentro Mall where I go once or twice a week when I have to. Thanks La Foca for your insights. I am getting old and forgetful.

"tried to tell her that many Latin women, like me, wouldn't tolerate a man like that, and that's why they seek lonely Anglos women in foreign countries, with more money than common sense" PS went about a year ago to an ES "Couch Surfers" A couple of the young Salvadorenos told me they would only "host" travelling women from abroad in singles, preferably, or in pairs, I have seen single men or male - female couples coming to ES having difficulty finding a "Couch". Most of the ES Couch Surfers are "upscale" bi linguals with computers at home, mostly young in 20s or 30s, many spend their weekends at the beaches like El Tunco and have cars, more power to them I went once to El Tunco after it had been 'developed' , enough for me. Anyway, thank the heavens, ES will NEVER become another Costa Rica!!!! I only have two "gringo" friends left here in ES. La Vida Tropical. Life in the Tropics. Así es.


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