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El Salvador

El Salvador is not for everyone, I moved back here in 1994 from Guatemala since had relatives and friends here already, I still am a resident of a C.A. country, so have no Immigration problems, also I am older and have fixed income, few worries. Anyone wishing to visit and look around message me we can meet up in one of the 'Malls' in San Salvador and no I doubt if you will see any tatooed gang bangers, the security situation is good here, if you drive and car papers in order police almost never ask foreigners for a bribe, however dont get drunk and drive, hire a local driver or bus it!!!!! ALL Central American large cities and many small towns have crime, 65% of C.A. population is under 30, I was teenager once, we drank, drag raced, vandalized and shoplifted, lucky for me I got caught and punished. Many young men in ALL of CA,( Costa Rica is same shit, different smell, subscribe to daily newsletter) are raised by single mothers and family members, little or no discipline, I have been here 24 years so if you wish to 'argue' I will send you my e mail and we may continue off forum. saludos.


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