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overhaul customs

I believe we need to overhaul the Department of Homeland Security, testing each and every applicant for customs for both mental problems and corruption and demand perfection. Get rid of the corporations placing these people and go back to a national system run by our government. It was run much more efficiently and human rights were not abused as much before we handed over contracts to private corporations. The law suits coming along are going to cost much more. Not to mention that they tend to ferret out as much money as they can by detaining people as long as they can, when ankle bracelets would be a much better and WAYYY less costly solution for many. And if we used an ankle monitoring system, we could reduce the expense of building additional facilities to house these people, as well. It's a win - win situation!

I can understand holding felons and people who endanger other people's lives, but at least 60% of the people being held in detention centers, are not a danger to society and could easily be held by an ankle bracelet monitoring system while their cases are being heard, thus reducing the expenses of processing their case. The corporate prison management systems refuse to do this, because their profits would spiral down and this is a profit based system. And we would put the expense back onto the families of those who are here asking to have their cases reviewed. Not to mention alleviating the cost of child care while the U.S. partner earns income during this process as the immigrant applying for documentation stays home and cares for the child. Thus, we reduce spending.

And if you knew about the numerous law suits pending for the human rights abuses, not to mention what they've already paid out, this would make sense. I know of at least one man that collected over $100,000 in three law suits before he was granted documents from the numerous abuses he suffered. I know of families who are currently suing for the injury and death of loved ones held in conditions that damaged their relatives. My husband's case is being reviewed by international attorneys and currently we are having his hair analyzed for the drugs they used before each of his immigration hearings which we believe were cogentin and haldol, because this is what the ACLU has found they used on many. It has affected his health. Also, the diet he was forced to eat was completely void of things like fruits and vegetables under the corporate prison management system, so we are having his complete health analyzed for a future law suit. There are many like us, who resent the way our relatives were treated and who intend to sue for what has been done to their relatives under this system. It will and has cause the U.S. to pay out millions. Our case alone could be a four million dollar case, based on the conditions and torture my husband endured. Does this make sense? Purely, from a strictly financial aspect, it is wise to do the right thing or suffer the consequences and when you have so many grave injustices, you create a financial disaster. When corporations are allowed to function breaking laws, then you have people who will collect monetary damages, like us. And when you deport our family members, do you think any of us care about the financial well being of Homeland Security? We are more than motivated to make them pay for handling our loved ones in an illegal fashion.

No, I would not do the job either. Morally, it would disagree with me, because I don't feel our borders do anything but contain stupid nationalism, but there are many who would find the job rewarding and they are honest, decent people who believe in borders. We should remove those who are corrupt and replace them with these people. Do you know that when the state was running customs enforcement the salaries were normal for those employed by them? Through corporate prison management these salaries have dropped to barely minimum they get what they pay for. This is why they hire the bottom of the barrel. A country should not settle for marginal people with gang tattoos all over their body to protect our borders. But that is exactly what you see at facilities like CCA. Even their speech is reflects typical street lingo, which is not putting a sense of professionalism into the position. However, this is what you get when you only pay a little over minimum wage for a country's security. And it is also the reason they are enticed to accept offers from cartel members.

This is not rocket science. It is corporate corruption at work.


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