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If you need some advice I

If you need some advice I have a US Citizen Ex Pat in El Salvador friend who has a USA number to leave him a message on, he has magicjack and is able to return your call at no cost if you have either a US or Canadian land line or cel number. This friend of mine lives here with his novia and her daughter in a Salvadoran gated community in a very nice small town (Nejapa, Apopa) only 22 km. (13 miles) from San Salvador, direct bus service to S.S. every 15 minutes or so during the day, they reside in small house within the gated community, rent $100 Month + utilities, about $35/45 month with Internet connection. If you have regular SSDI (NOT SSI)
You will need to register at US Embassy after arrival at the US Citizen Services, see one of the Federal Benefits officer, they are bi lingual Salvadoran citizens and helpful. in order to receive your payments direct deposit deposited 3rd of month from a Salvadoran bank., remember if you change your address and country and do not report to SSA they may suspend your payments and can take months to be reinstated. If you have a Rep Payee in US, you will need a Rep Payee here, can be a responsible Salvadoran citizen, employed, no criminal record. You can try and get work as an English teacher at one of many English language academies in S.S. the pay is low $5 a class hour, long staggered hours, no benefits, if your husband speaks 80% or plus English and has good basic computer skills, as Salvadoran citizen he can apply to work in a Call Center as long as he has no criminal record in El Salvador (antecendentes penales). Entonces, then call "Russ" (408)256-8963 USA leave message, Tell him his friend in El Salvador with the same birthday referred u. he will call you back when he has time on magicjack. Good luck.
PS The ISSS Salvadoran social Security has free hospitals for Salvadorans but many people have to send their loved ones to private hospitals here for certain operations, expensive, some meds, imported are expensive, suggest if you live near Canada get a US scrip and buy some meds there before departure


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