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Anyone who denies the danger in El Salvador doesn´t live here

If you want the scoop on what is happening here, look at the newspapers. To live in denial is to harm yourself. This is my husband´s country and he would tell you the same thing. We own a home here and want to leave, that´s how bad it is here. The hospitals are publically funded but have run out of medication. You can´t get medical treatment in many cases for various disorders even if you pay...people die daily from respiratory illnesses, because the politicos own the buses and won´t replace them or fix the pollution they create.

The Sombra Negra is in operation and murdering people daily. There is no free speech here. You can be killed for talking about things. The post by Cathy Brown may be true for other countries, but not for El Salvador.

People will try to play up this region like it is Zen. It is if you are abundantly wealthy, but if you are an average person, this area is shit. I´ve lived in Germany, Jamaica, Argentina and Mexico and never felt the way I do here. Central America is not a place most Americans would appreciate. The cost of food is much higher than in the U.S., because it is packaged to exploit others. The mercados sell food that will rot if not used immediately. You can´t find many medications. The rains are another problem, as they destroy lives here.

Argentina and South America is a different story. Central America and South America are worlds apart in development. Anyone visiting the two would never compare them as one. Be very careful how you proceed, or you could be contacting the American Embassy for help to get home.

I have no problem with ex pats or moving abroad, but people need to be honest about locations and what life is like. If you are a stock broker with a vast fortune, any country is wonderful. If you are Joe Average citizen with minimal income, like disability, this place is not one you want to live in. Comparative lifestyles should include honesty about the reality for all people and their income levels.

The advice about learning the culture is good. But just learning a bit about a culture doesn´t bring you into it. Wise also to be flexible. But be REAL as well. Being poor in the U.S. is not that tough. Being poor in Central America? It´s the worst experience you´ll encounter. THINK before you bring your poor child here. And tell your husband to apply for asylum in another country if possible. I wish you the best. I understand your predicament. I feel your pain. But don´t make your life worse.


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