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Not the most honest!

I caught her in a few lies too. One of which was so hilarious I nearly wet my pants laughing. But I have always allowed those who think they've bamboozled me to believe they've pulled one over. It's part of the reason I think she's a twit. But even twits don't deserve to be assaulted, Peter; even twits who would laugh at other people's misery.

It's odd, but I haven't seen too many happy Americans in Nicaragua. Even the ones who cocoon themselves away from the locals. They seem like a miserable lot, maybe wishing they had thought things out a bit more before moving there and struggling so, and I can understand why. They have an almost primordial need to punish themselves, as if they have convinced themselves that living the good life is a guilty behavior.

They string water hoses on roof lines for heating water, even when there are wayyyy more advanced forms of solar heating, and tons of containers arriving each day to bring them. They build kitchens around odd dimensions in rooms, wasting space, as if they never considered design and use in the construction of their homes, a lot like the hippies used to do in Santa Cruz. And they have enough money to do things right, but they insist on pushing forward with backwards ideas to challenge themselves.

They remind me of a gal I once knew who dated losers. She kept picking the worst men, because I believe she had some sense of guilt over her parent's money. So she chose the lowest form of Latinos she could find, referring to herself in the most vulgar terms because each of them demeaned her. It was a shame. She was pretty, and sweet, and had basic intelligence. But each loser she chose seemed to take more and more away from her, until she was left bitter. And this is what I see in Nicaragua.

Last night I took my husband to the hospital for an infection in his larynx. It was closing and he was having difficulty breathing. Had he been in Nicaragua, he might have died, because five doctors missed the disorder and diagnosed it as bronchitis. We went to a private hospital similar to the hospitals in the states, and a bright pulmonary specialist figured it out, gave him therapy and he is fine today. In places like El Salvador, you have those choices. Nicaragua has some fine medical experts, but the facilities from what my husband and his friends have told me, leave a lot to be desired. The equipment is not as advanced as it should be. The wait to see a doctor is lengthy in emergency situations. Even Kelley Anne Thomas explains her concerns. Why on earth would anyone subject themselves to that? Is THIS the supposed Latin experience they seek? If so, WHY? Is this some attempt at self denial that makes them feel they are one with my culture? I see this over and over and over, and I wonder about these folks and what mental processes they go through in life.

The ones who move there to help the communities...that, I understand! But most of these twits that write about Nicaragua seem to have confused it for a profit making, good life adventure. And now they see it isn't. DUHHHHHH!

I have YET to meet a Latino that wants to spend their life denying them self of basic pleasures. THANK GOD my husband isn't like that! I'd put him out of his misery if he were. It seems so fatalistic!

Or....maybe when you move somewhere dodging taxes, seeking prepubescent girls for dating material, running from poly-substance abuse issues, and trying to be the big fish in a small pond, that's what you end up with...who knows! I've never believed once that many of them are good standing citizens in the U.S., simply by their need to persecute others. The only people I've seen who are forgiving, are those who never experienced criminal behavior themselves. That tells a great deal. And their pseudonym choices do tell a great deal to a person who studies human nature. Can you EVER imagine calling yourself Key West Pirate, or Juanno? But then, Juanno's drinking issues might explain his name choices, not to mention the fact that the U.S. won't allow him to live there.


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