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That is why is wrote this post - to help people avoid being robbed. I could have said do not go to dangerous areas, but I thought that was obvious. Of course your classmate probably needed to go to the Coca Cola bus station. If I were to have to go there I would have really dressed down and carried as little as possible - and tried to have someone with me as a "body guard." But I know that is a dangerous place. I've been warned. You've got to talk to people and ask questions if you are unfamiliar with an area.

You didn't explain your situation on the way to San Isidro, but I have known of bags stolen off buses, too. You just have to be as pro active as possible.

As long as there are "haves and have nots" there will be theft. Right now I am visiting the USA and happen to be in a place where people don't even have to lock their doors. It is my old home town. Twenty years ago it was a quaint little mountain town. Today it has been called "the last best place" and is the Rocky Mountain playground for the very rich. I would not move back here - I would not trade my sweet little Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica's Caribbean - for anything. I'll put up with the problems and do my best to be careful. We all have to make our choices. For me, Costa Rica is still better than life in today's USA.


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