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"The Art of Travel'

Actually, not my words, the article is Chapter 8 of the freelt downloadable E book available on line 'The Art of Travel', in parts of Central America if you are faint of heart, bleeding heart or naive you will experience problems on the street from glue sniffing kids and professional beggars who know how to 'work' the bleeding heart (Proud people needing help do not BEG, they ASK) all the way up to the white collar scams involving land and real estate sales, 'quick residency and work permits', crooked lawyers. Learn how to say NO, in the case of children and young people working, shining shoes, selling chiclets, waitng on tables, give them asmall propina once in a while, avoid glue sniffers and beggars carrying borrowed babies and gringo real estate cons... A lot of those low life shits gave CR a bad words

Download free the entire E book


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