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Glue sniffers have short life spans.

I am from mean streets of NYC, speak slang Spanish, curse in Spanish and blend in, in 1983 as a Medic, I assisited in an operation, a Schindler style list scam against the Guatemalan Autorities of the time, we got a couple of entire villages to teh Mexican Border before teh specials arrived, I have been in combat, seen genocide, murders, kidnappings, lost all in a flood in Guatemala 1989, still around and kicking, life is not fair, most people aere honest, work and mind their own business, 'poverty' is not lack of money, it is ignorance, wait until a few years when Mexico, Guatemala and parts of your beloved CR become Narco States, if you are a woman living alone anywhere in the world,some countries and regions are more dangerous than others due to weak law enforcement and judicial systems, most rapists in CR now walk free subscribe to the daily newsletter if you do not believe me and take a self defense course, I have lived 'Down South' 25 years the only time I was ever robbed at gunpoint was in 1986, driving in Mexico, the thieves were Mexican Federales with badges, I lost everything in a natural disaster, lived months sleeeping outside with natives and their families, at leasr, was not taken in by a gringo real estate 'con' and ass licking local honest lawyers, never have lived in a condo or a gated community, speak languages other than English or spanish and most of the people I know here with charitable organizations are not liberals nor left wing radicals, but we care about people as well, ps, Venezuela has banned NGOs and foreign non profits there. I am a TRUE conservative, I care about people, not institutions nor agendas, had 'ex homie' gang member friends here in ES, Guatemala and USA who got their lives straightened out, in truth glue sniffing kids go after tourists, soft targets, cuz if some locals catch em strealing from them they go after em with a machete or firearm, not pretty, local police look the other way..


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