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Tossed around a lot of locals I know a lot more, some native Vets here, both sides, from Civil War 1979 to 1992, lost arms, legs, many war orphans, very hard working people, put the Ticos to shame, I can bond with anyone who has survived combat. CR was a nation of small farmers so never had oligharchies like its less fortunate neighbors to north, when I visited Guanacaste 98% of the 'foreign residents' were stuck up pendejos, so I bummed around 2 days with local tico and tica beach kids, found out in one day where to buy homes and land for a third foreigners pay, anyway those who go live in CR are very different than those who settle in other Central American countries, you rarely see Ticos or CR foreign residents travelling here and when they do they make snide remarks, we kicked one idiot gringo so called pura vida resident out for his constant negativity and 9 years in CR and only broken Spanish???????? And the poor Nicas and low income Ticos who have to put up with that crap. Disneyland. My ancestorsnarrived in 1890 to Central America, founded first international commercial bank and then funded the Childrens Hospital, in CR just another gringo with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Nothing personal, CR is only country in all Latin America with its indingenous on reservations, the rez, but they live pretty good and give great eco tours.WAtch your US dollar, the Fed seems to be printing more and USD buying less, hope you did not put 65,000 in a CR bank!!!!!! Most newer ex pats I know now are going to Colombia and more to Ecuador, a lot of old tme CR resident ex pats selling out., enjoy it while you can.


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