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The United States Racist and prejudic aganist Latinos and Hispan

i live in Detroit,MI where see outragious behavior of trying to kill latino and hispanics on the street of Detroit with Air Pollution and Over Dose of Abuteral Breathing inhaler medicine spray when ever i walk down the street i see truck and car park and running their engines of their cars and trucks and semi tractor Trailer Trucks to the level of over heating to put out lethal Air Pollution of diesel smoke of mercury and sufer diesel Exhaust Emission of Air Pollution from Semi Tractor Trailer Trucks into the Atmosphere make more Acided Rain that is travaling all around the world from Detroit,Michigan plus these detroiter are stalking latinos and hispanics with running behind them with over dose simtoms of Abuteral breathing inhaler asthma medicine spray to make latinos or hispanics to hyperventilation or faint from the over dose simtoms to their Resiptory or breathing system these people in Detroit,MI are animals plus are Racist and klanmen an Neo Nazis Paramilitary Militcia force for the black knights of the klu klux klan in Detroit,MI and Michigan in The United States it is from Black African Americans people and also White Caucasion people


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