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SEX is what they are trying to keep our youth's minds on. They want to devalue our young men and women even more. shows like jersey shore that you speak about, I watched it once and said wtf? a whole show about getting drunk and screwing anyone anyplace anywhere.. keeping up with the Kardashinigs,, spelled wrong, dont care,, and then khole and whatever her husbands name is, drama about their lives? what a bunch of crap. and the show list goes on and on.. don't read a book people, play video games.

The best video I have seen in a while was a young woman during daylight hours, in front of a store, wearing a mini skirt, squat right there on the sidewalk and pee, this older man maybe a vet comes up behind her and kicks her square in her ass.. that's what todays youth needs, a kick in the pants, but their parents have already lost that sence of respect.

think back to the last depression, men and women had morals, were people of honor, and they went through it helping each other,, this time around youths and gang members will rule the streets.


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